• Advanced Template Manager pro - assign template to anything in joomla


    Advanced Template Manager is an extension that changes the way your Template manager works.
    With Joomla you can normally only assign template styles to certain menu items.
    With Advanced Template Manager you have the possibility to assign template styles to just about anything you want.
    Note: Advanced Template Manager is NOT compatible with templates using the Gantry or T3 frameworks.

  • Content Templater pro 7.1.6 - Create predefined reusable content


    With Content Templater you can create predefined reusable content templates.

    Not only can you make complete standard page layouts, you can also use Content Templater for text snippets. So any piece of text you want to use more than once, just make a content template of it!

    It is very easy to insert these content templates into your article (or other content) editors by using the editor button.

    But Content Templater goes further than just the content. You can also set/change other fields, like the category or title of an article. You can pretty much set any available field your article edit form has.

    With the Pro version you can even auto-load content templates.

    Head over to the tutorial to see what else is possible with Content Templater!


  • DB Replacer pro-Search and replace in any tables in joomla databases


    DB Replacer enables you to search and replace in any table in your database.

    It even supports searching with case sensitivity and using regular expressions. 

    DB Replacer will save you hours of manual labor!

    Sometimes you need to replace something in all your articles (or other content). This will take you hours doing it the conventional way:

    1. open the article manager
    2. search for your article
    3. open the article
    4. make required changes
    5. save the article
    6. search for the next article
    7. open the that article
    8. make required changes
    9. save the article
    10. repeat the step 6 - 9 another 3 zillion times

    With DB Replacer this takes a few seconds. All you need to do is to

    1. go to DB Replacer in your Joomla! administrator
    2. select proper content table and table column(s)
    3. input the search and replace text
    4. click on ‘Replace’

    DB Replacer gives you a preview of what is going to be replaced, so you know what you are doing before actually replacing anything.

    WARNING:DB Replacer replaces stuff right in your database in the places you tell it to. This can - if you replace the wrong stuff - break your site. So make a backup, be careful and only use this if you know what you are doing. We cannot accept any liability for the result, and we make no expressed or implied guarantee of safe use.

  • J2store pro 3.2.24-joomla online store - Use articles as products


    J2store is an easy Joomla e-commerce extension that is compatible with Joomla 3.x. Building an online store is as easy as ABC with this fabulous shopping cart extension. Simplicity is its power. You can use the articles as products, and while adding an article, you can add the price, tax, stock and more details at the same time. It saves time; also, it's simple. Need not say that you can build your online store in minutes. No matter which part of the store you would like to customize, from navigation, design to content pages, take complete control over your website. Managing images, image gallery, comment system and other tools that extend Joomla article function is easier than you ever imagine. Use all of the tools with complete confidence and freedom. Count on us – we make it simple for you.for more information please read more tab.

  • Maximenu CK Params-Add more parameters to manage of Maximenu CK module


    The plugin Maximenu CK Params manages the parameters for the links created with the module Maximenu CK. You just need to install and publish it and then a new tab appears with parameters in administration of menu links in Joomla! and also a new button in the module administration.

    The plugin Maximenu CK Params avoid having to write some special characters in the menu link title, this has a big advantage :  no more problem with special charactersin the page titles, in components like Xmap, and no need to use Maxibreadcrumbs CK instead of native breadcrumbs in Joomla!.

    Links of prerequisite extention:

  • Regular Labs Extension Manager - easy manage for nonoumber products


    With the Regular Labs Extension Manager you can quickly and easily install and update Regular Labs extensions.

    You can:

    • See what Regular Labs extensions you have installed
    • See version numbers and whether yours is up-to-date
    • Install Regular Labs extensions
    • Update Regular Labs extensions
    • See the changelogs
    • Uninstall Regular Labs extensions

    If you have purchased any PRO versions of Regular Labs extensions, you can also directly install the available PRO versions. In the Regular Labs Extension Manager settings you will need to input the Download Key you received.

  • ReReplacer pro-Replace whatever you want in your entire joomla site


    With ReReplacer you can replace whatever you want in your entire site.

    It can work on the entire output of your site, so you can also do replacements in things like the meta tags.

    Some ideas where you can use ReReplacer for:

    • Create your own custom tags ([mytag]some text[/mytag] becomes some text).
    • Tweak the output of Joomla! without changing the core joomla or extension files.
    • Filter bad words on your site.
    • Temporarily hide text from your website, without actually removing it.
    • Remove redundant whitespace from your code, making your website load faster.
    • Use abbreviations in your content and replace them with the full text (J! becomes Joomla!, COMP becomes My Very Long Company Name®).
    • Quickly place whole blocks of text by only typing one word. Like you can use [stats] and replace it with a piece of Google Statistics code. Or [footer] to put a fixed bit of text under articles. You can change the replacement in one place (in ReReplacer) and your whole website is updated!
    • etc...

    You have the ability to use powerful Regular Expressions to search and replace. This opens up endless possibilities. You can do virtually everything with ReReplacer.

  • Snippets pro-Include text snippets in your joomla content and reusable


    With Snippets you can include text snippets in your content. You can make reusable snippets (pieces of text/content) and include them into your content via a tag, like {snippet my-first-snippet}

    If you edit the article (or module or wherever you put the tag), you will still see the tag. But on frontend view you will see the content of the snippet instead.

    You can use this to insert much used content for instance. Then, if you change the content of the snippet, it changes everywhere you have used the tag.